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Edgeworth Heights

Edgeworth Heights

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Northville Dr
New South Wales 2285

Phone: 0458505147
Mobile: 0458505147

Venue: Edgeworth Heights Public School Ridley Street Entrance

Times: MON & THURS NIGHTS 5.30-6.30PM

Free trial lesson - all welcome. Come and join the fun. 

Mixed classes mums, dads and children from 5yrs. 

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Name: Joanne Dovey

NAME: Joanne Dovey

POSITION: Regional Instructor

Shim Jang Taekwondo Regional Instructors have many years of experience; WSTA Regional Instructors have, through hard work and perseverance, “stepped up” to another level of responsibility within the WSTA organisation and by virtue of their position WSTA Regional Instructors are required to be more heavily focussed and involved with the growth and development of the organisation.

WSTA Regional Instructors don’t just teach and promote their local centre, they work closely with their local Master Instructors to provide their Regional centres with sound advice and strong support as required, Regional Instructors are constantly promoting the art by way of regular demonstrations, displays and other promotional initiatives.

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