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Online Pre-School Class

Online Pre-School Class

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Tuesday - 4:00pm to 4:30pm   Online

Our “Little Shimjangers” online video tuition is specifically designed to prepare our pre-school children for a future in the Martial Arts.

“Little Shimjangers” are guided through various exercise and self defence manoeuvres specially designed to prepare them to graduate into one of our local training centres once they reach school age.


Little Shimjangers learn online from some of the most experienced Master Instructors in Australia with the aim of graduating to Yellow Belt level ready to integrate into our regular classes once they begin regular schooling. This pre-school martial art education is invaluable as it teaches each child the importance of co-ordination, flexibility, good technique, discipline, concentration and respect and at the same time it is a lot of fun !


Children are able to follow on and learn from specially prepared video classes and will be regularly assessed personally by our Assistant Grandmaster by way of video conferencing as they mature as mini martial artists. Watch in amazement as they work their way to earning their first coloured belt within the art of Shimjang Taekwondo in the safety of their own home.


Children will receive their quality, embroidered Shimjang TKD uniform with their initial membership and our Assistant Grandmaster will contact you personally to explain the rules and regulations within a few days of joining. Congratulations on joining Australia’s most popular Family friendly martial art and we look forward to seeing your child’s progress within the art.

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Your Instructor

Name: Master Greg Dovey

NAME; Greg Dovey

RANK; 7th Dan Black Belt

POSITION: Assistant Grandmaster EC

PROFILE; Master Greg Dovey began his Martial Arts Career as a teenager in the 1980's but his interest really peaked when he discovered the art of Taekwondo back in the mid 1990's. It was then that he joined a local Taekwondo centre at Rathmines in the NSW Lake Macquarie area, after his promotion to Black Belt, Greg was then appointed as an assistant Instructor and in the early 2000's he took over what was then a struggling Rathmines class that was suffering from a serious lack of leadership.

Greg set about turning the struggling centre around by creating a positive atmosphere for his students to train in, with some hard work and by providing some first class instruction, Greg saw the Rathmines Dojang double in size in just a few short months. Greg and his wife Joanne (herself a 4th Dan Black belt Assistant Master Instructor) now support numerous centres throughout the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie area.
Master Greg is a loyal instructor of high integrity who works extremely hard in his position as Assistant Grandmaster to ensure that the "Operations" side of the organisation is well represented, he is a highly experienced examiner and he works tirelessly to ensure that the art maintains an extremely high standard throughout Australia.

Master Greg Dovey typifies the organisations code....Integrity, Loyalty and Respect.

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