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Adelaide Club Day

The 14th of March 2020

it's on


<h2 style="background-position: left top; border: 1px dotted gray; border-image: none; text-align: left; background-image: url(" 0px;"="" normal;="" 0px;="" none;="" 2;="" 25px;="" 500;="" 8px;="" 20px;="" 10px;="" border-box;="" no-repeat;="" images="" showblocks="" plugins="" ckeditor="" thirdparty="""" 22px;="" 14);="" 12,="" rgb(145,="" block_h2.png?t='E8PB"");'>WHERE; Reynella East Colledge, 63 Malbeck Drive (Enter off Hewlett Packard Drive Via Byards Road)


TIME;      All members to arrive at 1.30pm ready for a 2pm start.

EXAMINER; GM L N Hicks, Assistant Examiner; AGM R Jensen