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Our Team

Master Greg Dovey

NAME; Greg Dovey

POSITION: WSTA Chairman of Operations

MEMBER: WSTA Board of Management

PROFILE; Master Greg Dovey began his Martial Arts Career in 1998 when he joined a local Taekwondo centre at Rathmines in the NSW Lake Macquarie area, after his promotion to Black Belt, Greg was then appointed as an assistant Instructor and in the early 2000's he took over what was then a struggling Rathmines class that was suffering from a serious lack of leadership. Greg set about turning the struggling centre around by creating a positive atmosphere for his students to train in, with some hard work and by providing some first class instruction, Greg saw the Rathmines Dojang double in size in just a few short months.
Greg and his wife Joanne (herself a 4th Dan Black belt and Regional Instructor) now operate numerous centres throughout the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie area and Greg has also taken on the added responsibility of being the WSTA State Examiner for NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, a job that he finds both challenging and fulfilling.

Under Greg's leadership Shim Jang Taekwondo continues to flourish and develop.

Our WSTA staff consists of an experienced and dedicated group of individuals who donate much of their time toward supporting the organisation in various aspects of management and administration.

Our administration staff have accumulated many years of Shim Jang Taekwondo experience between them and are well skilled in their individual professional fields.

Each member has been hand picked for their position in order to ensure that our organisation, instructors and members receive the very best support and assistance.