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Michele Graham

NAME: Michelle Graham

CLASS: Petrie Dojang QLD

POSITION: Senior Dojang Assistant

Dojang Assistant is a very important position within our local Branches;

It is a WSTA requirement that all members above the rank of Black Belt are licenced within the WSTA Black Belt Qualification Framework and are officially appointed as Dojang Assistants.
When a member reaches Black Belt level they are not automatically required to go out and open a Branch of their own but they must be willing to accept some responsibility within their local Branch if required, this is seen as the next step in a student’s development and as a matter of course requires the student to “Step Up” to a higher level by way of exercising common sense and accepting more responsibility.

On occasion the Dojang Assistant will be required to help their Branch Instructor with various duties such as assisting a member with patterns or holding the kick/strike shield etc as requested by the Branch Instructor during the normal course of class operation, this is an important and necessary part of the Black Belt members ongoing training and martial art development.