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Size Guide

Buying online can be a bit daunting because of the difference in international sizing and the fact that you can't try your garment on.. To make things easier for you, below is an easy to use size conversion chart. If your still a little confused about your correct size, you should take your measurements and compare them with the chart.
Please also refer to the information next to the products on the website as it will inform you if an item is a small or larger make than usual.

WSTA Uniforms

Uniforms are purchased according to Height and Frame Size, ie… if you are 140cm tall and of average build you would order a 140cm uniform, but if you are 145cm or of a larger frame you will need to order a larger size. Arms and legs can be easily taken up and the uniforms usually fit quite well.

Uniforms are available in the following sizes.


WSTA T-Shirts

T-shirts are unisex and come in the following sizes,

NOTE; Aprox height of the wearer is listed below the size (heavier frame may require a larger size)

Size 6 - 130cm  
Size 10 - 140cm     
Size XS - 150cm  
Size S - 160cm
Size M - 170cm
Size L - 180cm 
Size XL - 190cm
Size XXL - 200cm
- 210cm

WSTA Hoodies

Hoodies are unisex and are generous in size, they come in adult sizes only at this time
NOTE; Aprox height of the wearer is listed below the size (heavier frame may require a larger size)
Size XS - 160cm 
Size S - 170cm 
Size M - 180cm      
Size XL - 190cm
Size XXL - 200cm  
- 210cm

WSTA Cap  (one size fits all)




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