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A Masters View

16 December 14

A Masters View 

Hi everyone; As a bit of light hearted fun I thought I would use a "tongue in cheek" method of describing why correct Shim Jang Taekwondo etiquette is so important.....


This how NOT to succeed as a martial artist.


1. Never clean or replace your uniform. Train every night but only wash your uniform on weekends. A smelly, dirty uniform shows you have been training hard. Tattered uniforms show how long you have been around........ (Fail !)

2. Always maintain a game face. Pleasantries are for the weak. Do not shake hands, bow or say hello when you come to class. Sit in a corner by yourself and wallow in your greatness. Be sure to scowl so that everyone knows how bad you are....... (Fail !)

3. Critique everyone else’s technique. Always find fault with the techniques of others....... (Fail !)

4. Skip warm-ups. Come late to class so you miss the warm-ups. This way you will look fresher and have more energy to beat up other students during sparring....... (Fail !)

5. Go Neanderthal. Never trim or clean your nails and look scruffy. Too bad if others get cut or scratched........ (Fail !)

6. Always spar as if your life was at stake. Block hard, show no control and show no mercy....... (Fail !)

7. Never pay your training fee on time. Make excuses and delaying paying fees for as long as possible. The Instructor has a job so he/she can pay the Hall Rent !....... (Fail !)

8.  Talk while you spar. Talk continuously about everything. This will make you seem like an expert, slow the action so you will not get tired, and keep the opponent off his or her game........ (Fail !)

9. Be a “follower” and not a “thinker”. Do what everybody else is doing. If they are teasing someone, join in. If they are sparring too hard, join in. If they are breaking a rule, join in (who needs rules)........ (Fail !)

10. Do not help other people. If a fellow student is doing something wrong, ignore it; it just makes you look even better........ (Fail !)

11. Get angry. If someone accidently hits you during sparring, get angry and tell them that if that is the way they want to spar then you will do the same........ (Fail !)

12. Look good and look tough. Wear earrings, bracelets and other bling. It makes you look good and tough........ (Fail !)

13. Don't worry about the instructor. The instructor doesn't know everything so don't bother listening to them. If they ask you to do something, don't bother, they can't tell you what to do because you are the one paying for the lessons....... (Fail !)

Fortunately we don't see students with these attitudes in Shim Jang, we have rules and regulations and our members understand the importance of “Structure” but it is easy to see why so many other well intentioned martial art styles fail when they operate as a “Club” and not an “ART”…….

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Yours in Shim Jang Taekwondo


Rob Jenson
5th Dan Master Instructor
World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy