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A Masters View December 2015

11 December 15

Hi everyone;


In this segment I would like to discuss the importance of wearing full uniform.


Setting A High Standard: It is no secret that our Grandmaster sets very high standards in Attitude, Discipline, Technique, and Presentation so in this edition I would like to share Grandmasters and indeed the WSTA’s philosophy on the importance of correct dress (Uniform).


What is a Uniform:  “A uniform is a set of standard clothing worn by members of an organisation while participating in that organisation’s activity”, People that generally wear uniforms are armed forces, police, emergency services, schools and workplaces etc but it is really important to realise that the word “Uniform” also means to be the same, equal and without any difference.

With these basic principles in mind the concept of representing your organisation with a common dress is very important.


Uniforms also depict solidarity: it has been this way throughout time, right from the days of the Roman Empire to the modern day.
These days wearing uniform is common within many organisations such as the police force etc, this helps them to stand out from the crowd so that they can be easily recognisable and also distinguishes them for the service that they provide. Uniforms not only make us feel proud but also have a positive effect on others and really make us all feel part of a group or “Club”.


Sometimes uniforms are made mandatory by an organisation, schools, work places, hospitals, restaurants etc all require people who are part of their workplace or “team” to be in proper uniform and follow the disciplined “code” of the uniform.
Most organisations prefer and insist on uniforms as part of their regular dress code, when we are wearing our uniform people see strength and uniformity (People trust Us)


Shim Jang Taekwondo is an organisation which focuses on its members success, it is well respected within our local community so the role of the uniform really is very important to us and it enables people to instantly  recognise us as professionals within our field..


Here are just a few reasons why our uniform forms an integral part of our organisations culture….


1. In our organisation it is considered an honour and a privilege to wear the Shim Jang TKD uniform and logo.
2. A uniform gives each of us a sense of belonging.
3. If we all wear the same uniform, we all share that sense of belonging and a sense of pride.
4. A uniform brings everyone to the same platform, it represents equality among all members.


Some think that uniforms are not necessary or special but I believe that uniforms foster traits which are very necessary for a person both as an individual and as a member of an organisation, these traits help us all to thrive and prosper as complete martial artists.


Think of this next time you put on your Dobok.


Yours in Shim Jang Taekwondo


Rob Jenson
5th Dan Master Instructor
World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy