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A Masters View March 2015

12 March 15

Hi everyone; Let's talk about gradings.


What is the function of a grading?
A grading is an assessment for advancing to the next stage in the art of Shim Jang Taekwondo. When applying for any promotion we are saying to the examiner that we are ready to advance within the art and we are ready to take on more challenges.


Attaining our next belt level not only allows us to take on more responsibility and sees us work harder as we continue our advancement within the art but it also sees us constantly setting a good example for the junior ranks.
Shim Jang Taekwondo has grades in your area each quarter, this gives you time, with regular class attendance to learn the pattern and techniques required for advancement to your next belt level (Rank).
Your instructor is a professional and will always work hard to give you the necessary guidance to enable you to regularly advance though the belt system, when you reach 1st kup (black tip), training then takes on a whole new meaning as we are continually tested in class to ensure we are ready for the black belt grade which you will be “Invited” to attend. Black Belt grading is a serious test and is undertaken by invitation only. The Black Belt test is a culmination of years of hard work, it is a gruelling exam and members are only asked to apply when their instructor considers them physically and mentally ready.


When grading day comes around you will most certainly be a little nervous, this is a natural instinct. It shows that you really care about advancing and that you do indeed belong there. Nerves are a natural stress reaction and should be used to motivate us so don't worry and use the nervousness to help you perform, after the first couple of techniques are executed all the butterflies will be gone, your adrenalin will “kick in” (ed. pun intended) and all your hard training will come to the fore.

Remember that your instructors are probably even more nervous than you are because they are also being judged on their ability as instructors and the Master examiner is watching their every move !


Don't be late.
Don't follow the other students while performing your pattern - they may execute the wrong moves, you have learnt the pattern during training  so be confident in performing it.
Do hand in your grading form with all information filled out on time.
Do wear full uniform.
Do remove jewellery etc.
Do Put all your effort into the grading, shout loud and show spirit, these are key elements that the examiner is looking for.
Do Partner up with a member from another Centre, you may learn something new or at least get to know someone new.
Do Show respect for more senior members and instructors - bow, show control during sparring and follow commands promptly.


All Instructors and black belt members must attend their local grading, Don’t wait to be asked, get involved and help out - there is a lot you can do to assist....
1. Someone needs to meet the examiner at the door to help with gear.
2. Sentries need to be in place around the hall to protect audience/sitting students from sparing participants
3. Boards need to be securely and correctly held for breaking techniques.
4. Patterns or techniques may need to be demonstrated in front of the examiner,
5. Flags need to be hung and seating arranged.
6. Students need lining up
7. Warm-ups need to be conducted
8. Sparring will be needed for the black belt exams
9. Partners may be needed for step-sparring.
10. Lastly and most importantly, enjoy the experience.............Gradings are a lot of fun !

Yours in Shim Jang Taekwondo


Rob Jenson
5th Dan Master Instructor
World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy