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A Masters View May 2015

25 May 15

Hi everyone;

While we spend much of our time learning and perfecting our techniques, it is also important to understand that there is also a more philosophical side to our art that assists in building character and promoting good moral standards and we need not look any further than to our 10th grade reference manual which includes our Pledge reminding us of our obligations as martial artists and citizens of the world.




As a student of Shim Jang Taekwondo I solemnly promise;


1. To abide by the rules and regulations of the school.

2. To obey the instructions of our instructors.

3. To use the art only for self defence.

4. To do my best to maintain fitness and good health.

5. To honour and respect the laws of our country.

6. To be courteous and respectful to all my fellow members.

7. To maintain Self Discipline & Perseverance.

8. To practice modesty & self control.


ALWAYS REMEMBER; As of necessity some must teach so others must of course learn but humility in both is very important.


As a result of its military background a strong and disciplined etiquette has developed within the art of Shim Jang Taekwondo and I'd like to touch on one of these etiquette principles......Bowing.

Bowing is a sign of respect to our Instructors, seniors and fellow members and it is very important that we consciously show our respect whenever appropriate. 


Traits like this are what makes Shim Jang a martial art and distinguishes us from thugs who are only interested in fighting. Indeed some new members may find this difficult to understand and may seem like some kind of a power trip for their instructor but it is in fact the opposite.
Bowing reminds us to be humble and helps us control our ego, it is important to remember that no matter our rank or title, we are all students of Shim Jang Taekwondo and these forms of etiquette apply to us all.


Practicing etiquette develops a sense of values, resulting in a higher level of courtesy and respect, this is a strong basis for improving morality, something today’s world desperately needs.


Shim Jang taekwondo also develops humility in behaviour, pride in oneself, togetherness, breeds unselfishness, kindness and tolerance.


REMEMBER.......You cannot demand or expect respect, It is your actions and attitude that will ultimately earn respect.





Preparation for training
1. Members must have neatly pressed uniforms and all nails are to be trimmed for safety reasons.
2. Members should arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of class and commence warm-ups.
3. For safety reasons all jewellery is to be removed before Class.


Entering the dojang
1. Remove footwear prior to entering the designated training area.
2. When several people are entering, ensure the senior person or adult is shown the courtesy of entering first.
3. Bow when entering or leaving the dojang.
4. Ensure shoes & other articles are neatly stored near the dojang door.
5. Bow and acknowledge others present in the dojang in order of seniority.
6. Children must acknowledge adults. Similar courtesy should be adhered to when visiting other dojangs.


Rules of conduct: Inside the dojang
1. All members should treat each other with courtesy and respect.
2. Nobody is permitted to teach without first gaining the Instructors permission to do so.
3. All instructions issued by the Instructor or Assistant Instructor within the dojang must be obeyed.
4. Members must not make any unnecessary noise or disturbance inside the dojang.
5. Members should ensure visitors are treated with courtesy & provided with seating.
6. Smoking, eating or drinking in uniform is forbidden at all times
7. Members must not leave the dojang without the permission of the Instructor.
8. Visiting Instructors or seniors should be acknowledged by all members.
9. Assistant Instructors and senior members should always advise their Instructor if they can’t attend Class.
10. Students training at another branch should always seek permission before doing so.
11. All training fees or payments must be paid promptly at times indicated by the Instructor


A high degree of etiquette should always be observed by students, both inside and outside dojang. This should be applied by lower ranking students to senior students while training, by higher ranking students to elder students and by all students when visiting another dojang.
In all cases, emphasis should be placed on correct and proper salutation. It is a form of respect and courtesy in all societies. Thus students should always pay respect and observe the important traits of modesty and courtesy.

Etiquette is the most important, valuable and fundamental aspect in one's life. Etiquette is that hidden element which comes spontaneously from within a person's heart and is expressed in actions, behaviour and speech. It is associated with personality and character building. Etiquette is not something which is forced upon someone to abide by rules and regulations, but it is that element which flows naturally and automatically to make a person more readily accepted in our society. Etiquette enriches one's quality of life and thus gives a person peace and tranquillity not only to oneself but also to society at large.


Yours in Shim Jang Taekwondo


Rob Jenson
5th Dan Master Instructor
World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy