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A Masters View September 2015

16 September 15

Hi everyone, in this issue I thought I would discuss the National Training Camp, why we have it, who can attend and why it is so important for student development.


Our National Training Camp is usually held Bi-Annually and it caters for all adult members of our art from White Belt thru to Master Instructor. While there is some active conversation taking place within the Camp Organising Committee with regards to a possible “ Juniors Camp” at this stage nothing has yet been finalised as there are many factors to consider with regards to supervision and responsibility.
If there is to be a “Juniors Camp” (and there probably will be) it is imperative that we get it right in order to provide a quality learning environment and a positive, safe and fun experience for our smaller members. We see our younger members as the arts future and, as Instructors, we work hard to make their Shim Jang TKD training a fun and positive learning experience but we are also well aware of the many issues associated with overnight camps including supervision, travel costs etc, etc so it is not something that we plan on just “Jumping Into”.

I will keep everyone posted on the progress of a possible “Junior Training Camp” for 2016 and we do welcome any ideas and feedback from our members and parents. (Please send any feedback via your Branch Instructor)


Our Training Camp is of the utmost importance to ongoing Instructor development, Our instructors get a rare opportunity to train alongside and learn from their peers who all come from different parts of the country with different stories and experience to share, this is unheard of within many organisations and really sets us apart from the rest.
It is at the Training Camp where Instructor Dan Promotions are usually conducted and all Instructors assist in this process which also gives the Instructors greater insight to the future, it is at the Camp where Instructors gain a much clearer insight to their responsibilities and expectations and it helps us realise just what is required to progress and mature within this great art.


Coloured Belt or “Kup” members are also welcome and encouraged to attend our Camps, our instructors are happy to help in the learning and growth process of our junior members (we have NO SECRETS……just sweat !) so we encourage all Adult members to attend Camp whenever possible.


As Instructors and Coloured Belt Members we find that something as simple as Bonding together in friendship is also something that must not be underestimated, sharing a meal, sharing stories and sharing “Sweat” during training are all important facets of the Camp and this is what make our Instructors and members a “Team” rather than just separate groups with separate agenda’s.


Above all it is important for the Camp to be an enjoyable experience……. Life is a journey; no-one gets out alive so we MUST enjoy ourselves……


Camp 2015 Weekend of October 30


Bookings available on our websites “Merchandise” Page and close this week !



See you at Camp !

Yours in Shim Jang Taekwondo


Rob Jenson
5th Dan Master Instructor
World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy