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Get to Know Our Instructors.

14 December 15

In this edition we ask Grandmaster a few questions and we thank him for his time…...

Q: What is the best thing about being Grandmaster ?  
A: The people I meet……I really do like people so spending time with our Instructors and students is always special and I really look forward to any opportunity I get to see or communicate with them.

Q: What is the worst thing about being Grandmaster ? 
A: Travelling…... I regularly travel long distances and it can be quite boring, although once I get to gradings that is all forgotten !

Q: What is your favourite technique ?  
A: The jump spinning outer crescent kick would definitely be a favourite of mine.

Q: What is your favourite “Breaking” technique ?  
A: I love the big tile breaks !.... they really show the power that we can produce with our technique and they look spectacular, but, unless they are done with both conviction and precision they can also be very dangerous, this is why I don’t recommend them to anyone under the higher Dan/Black Belt ranks.
Shim Jang taekwondo is not a sport or game so safety is always my number one consideration when it comes to destruction techniques, Board Breaks are great way to demonstrate the skill and power of an individual and they are an important part of our Black belt Gradings but the member MUST train and prepare for them.
Our smaller or younger members have not fully developed with regard to bone structure so asking a 10 year old to break boards whether they are re-breakable or not can be very dangerous and just plain silly unless done in controlled environment and then only under strict supervision. It is for this reason I do NOT make Board Breaks part of the regular curriculum for the Junior Black Belt Grading Test. (There are plenty of other ways for them to prove their knowledge of the art, their technical skills and their spirit!)

Q: What is your favourite TV show ?  
A: Call me a bit weird but I love the old classic comedies like Hogans Hero’s, Get Smart etc and I also like some of the modern ones like Big Bang Theory and Anger Management. My life can sometimes be pretty hectic and serious so that kind of “slapstick Humour” allows me to chill out and relax with a bit of a laugh !

Q: What do you do in your spare time ?
A: What Spare Time ?..... I’ve got 4 Grandchildren who keep me hopping and I do quite a bit of charity fundraising by way of my local Masonic Lodge, we raise money for the local Hospitals, Rural Fire Service and various Cancer Funds so I can often be seen cooking snags at the local Bunnings BBQ or selling tickets at a stand in the local shopping centre….I’m always doing something !

Q: What type of music do you like ?  
A: Pretty much anything from Cold Chisel to Adele and Pink etc, good music is good music no matter what era it’s from.

Q: What sports do you follow and do you have a favourite team ?  
A: I’m a Cricket tragic !........ Australia all the way. I was lucky enough to attend the recent Adelaide Day/Night Test, that was real thrill and a great experience.