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Greg on Gradings !

01 March 16


What are the key ingredients for a successful grading ?

Being an examiner in a respected martial art organisation carries with it great responsibility, the examiner needs to be vigilant, critical, fair, honest and most of all “Human”.


An examination or “Grading Test” is NOT a training day, it is a time that our members demonstrate the skills they have acquired over a set period of time with the view of achieving the next level within their own personal martial art journey.


HOWEVER: A good examiner is not the only thing needed to ensure that you have a successful grading.....


Leadership, Guidance, Instruction and a willingness to learn are all key ingredients for success .....


1. LEADERSHIP......It all starts at the top:

Running a martial art the size and scope of the World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy is a Daunting, never ending, ongoing journey of passion and commitment and our Grandmaster is the perfect example of those necessary attributes. Grand Master works tirelessly with the organisations best interest at heart; he is constantly “tweeking” and perfecting our system in order for the organisation to continue its ongoing success enabling its members and instructors to get maximum benefit and opportunity from their training.



2. GUIDANCE........Qualified Examiners:

WSTA Examiners attend special Examiner training courses at the WSTA Headquarters at least twice per year, training is done under the direct tutelage of the Grandmaster who has strict policies when it comes to Grading Exams. Examiners are also required to accompany Grandmaster on both interstate and international gradings in order to continually update their skills enabling them to offer the best advice and assistance while conducting exams on the WSTA’s behalf.  This also ensures technical consistency throughout the entire organisation so that, if a member moves from Townsville to Adelaide for example, they can easily fit in and continue their training.

It is this consistency and attention to detail that makes the WSTA a “Stand Out” organisation.



3. INSTRUCTION........Professional Branch Instructors:
One of the most important roles within our organisation is the “Branch Instructor” and Grandmaster insists that no matter what our position or title is within the World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy we are all first and foremost “Branch Instructors”, whether it be Master, Senior or Branch instructor we all run our Shim Jang Taekwondo classes and we all learn something new every day !


Grandmaster often says …….“When one person teaches two people learn !”


Before being placed in a centre our new instructors are well schooled in all aspects of class operations. The journey of a Branch Instructor starts at Trainee Instructor level and never ends, they are drilled in all facets of Branch operation and administration with member’s safety being at the centre of all instruction. As an organisation the WSTA takes its Instructor training very seriously and has systems in place to ensure that our up and coming Instructors receive quality instruction and advice.
Our Branch Instructors are experts in their field; it is their skill and expertise that prepare our members for a successful grading helping them to climb their personal martial art ladder.



4. WILLINGNESS TO LEARN........Serious students: 
A “serious Student” is simply a dedicated and disciplined individual who wants to succeed personally but is also willing to help if required, our classes are operated in a well structured and a disciplined environment and it is this structure that provides a sound learning environment for the members and allows them the best opportunity to regularly apply for promotion...we don’t tolerate unruly, ill disciplined students.


I hope this gives an insight to what is needed for success, (yes, we are ALL important) no matter what our position within the Shim Jang Taekwondo organisation I think we are all just as important as the next person so give yourself a big “Pat on the back”, get to the grading and if you can help it !



Greg Dovey
Master Instructor
5th Degree Black Belt