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Master Les Hicks

06 July 13

About our Founder

By;  Master Steven Buck
        WSTA 4th Degree Black Belt

We are planning to produce a book/training manual for the WSTA, I was fortunate enough to have recently sat down with Master Hicks to gain a little insight into the man behind this organisations great success and here is a short extract derived from our recent interview.

During the interview I found Master Hicks to be incredibly relaxed and revealing about his personal history and future plans for the organisation.

Master Les was born on the 21st of July 1960, he Lives in Australia on the NSW North coast at Tweed Heads, and teaches Shim Jang Taekwondo (a style that is closely related to the original form of Taekwondo or, as he  sometimes calls it “Korean Karate”

Master Hicks holds the title 'Master Instructor / Founder' within the World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy and is ranked 7th Dan in Shim Jang Taekwondo. Master Hicks is a first generation “Australian” Taekwondo Instructor having previously, for over 20 years, been a personal student of Chong Chul Rhee (one of the 12 original Taekwondo Pioneer Masters).

Master Hicks was born in Kurri Kurri NSW in 1960. As a youth, he enjoyed riding Motorcycles and trained in Judo and Boxing at the then Cessnock Police Boys Club (now the Police Citizens Youth Club). In 1972 his family moved to Baradine in the NSW Central West where he was raised on a farm until aged 17 returning in 1977 to the Hunter Valley where he worked first at the BHP Steel Mills and later at the ALCAN Aluminum Smelter.
Master Hicks enjoyed many sports during his youth including Rugby League  and Cricket but from around age 19 his commitment to the art Taekwondo was in the making. In 1982 at age 22 he became a qualified instructor teaching classes at Bellbird and Ellalong in NSW. In 1989 at age 29 he became a fulltime professional Martial Arts Instructor working under the Rhee Taekwondo Banner until 2003 when he resigned from Rhee Taekwondo and established the World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy teaching Shim jang Taekwondo (an original form of Taekwondo or Korean Karate)

Master Hicks helped introduce the art of Taekwondo/Korean Karate to many Australian areas including the NSW Hunter Valley, QLD’s Gold Coast and the Northern Territory.
Master Hicks married his wife Narrelle in 1981 and they settled in Tweed Heads NSW during 1995, they have 2 children; a daughter “Danielle” and a son “Lee, they also have 4 Grandchildren; “Matilda”, “Frankie”, “Farrah” and  “William”.

Master Hicks’s mother died of Cancer in 1989 at just 48 years of age and since then Les seems to have become very focused on helping others with the disease, he is a very active charity worker with the NSW Freemasons and various other entities, he is certainly no afraid to “Get his hands dirty” and can often be seen cooking sausages and assisting at corporate BBQ’s and other fundraising activities to raise money in aid of cancer and disaster relief charities. In 2010/11 he was the leading influence in helping the local NSW Freemasons raise over $50,000 to assist the Tweed Heads Hospital’s Women’s Care department and the Murwillumbah Hospital’s Palliative Care department.

Master Hicks is still the driving force behind the World ShimJang Taekwondo Academy (his passion) and spends much of his time developing the organisation both from a technical and Administrational perspective, he is constantly traveling throughout Australia either Grading Students or meeting with affiliate Inst ructors assisting them to “re-ignite their martial art passion”.

Master Hicks regularly spends time with his Master Instructors and attends many W.S.T.A speaking engagements and instructional functions each year ensuring that the organisation remains strong and is always performing to its maximum potential.


More to come…………