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"Nicks Master Class" August 2013

12 August 13

Nick’s Master Class

Let’s raise our glasses to “Our Lady Instructors”

The recent appointment of Instructor Tina Johnson to the rank of 5th Dan Master Instructor was not only well deserved but I believe it also showcased our organisation as one of equal opportunity with respect for all members Men, Women and Children.

Over recent years Master Hicks has re-arranged our ranking system to accommodate both Junior Black Belt and Black belt (Yudanja) levels within the art of Shim Jang TKD, this raised a few eyebrows within the Martial arts community at the time but, over the years that followed, it has proven to be extremely beneficial to the ongoing progress and success of our younger members both male and female.


Master Hicks has also been very supportive of our lady members by encouraging them to “step outside the box” and make application to become instructors in their own rite, many have taken on the challenge with outstanding success and proven that, when it comes to sidekick and the ability to teach it, our lady members are “right up there with the best of em”.


Over the past 10 years we have seen many of our Lady Instructors achieve great success within the organisation and as time goes by I hope that more and more of our lady members will develop the confidence required to represent the art and even lead it into the future....


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Cheers Ladies !


Nicholas Seedsman
Master instructor / Examiner
World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy