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Nicks Master Class March 2016

01 March 16

Nick’s Master Class

Hi everyone;


In the last issue of the “Shimjanger” Master Rob Jensen spoke of the importance of wearing full uniform, if you haven’t read it please go back through the archives and do so. The Grandmaster has very strong views about this particular subject and in this issue he has asked me to touch on the importance of the Belt we wear with our Dobok.


It is no secret that the Shim Jang Taekwondo Belt is a very important part of our uniform, in our basic training we learn to follow directions and pay attention to detail, these abilities are also displayed by how we tie, wear, and treat our belt.


Here are the basic rules associated with wearing your belt……

1. When tied correctly the ends should hang evenly and there should be no twists.
2. If the belt has a “tip” it should be worn on the “Right” side of the belt.
3. One should always wear their belt with confidence and dignity
4. The belt should be treated with respect and never be dragged or thrown on the ground.


NOTE: For the benefit of our newer members I have attached a diagram explaining the correct way that the Shim Jang Taekwondo Belt is to be tied.

The wearing of each coloured belt is to be taken very seriously and it is of the utmost importance to understand what it means and how it should be tied.


For the serious practitioners of our art the different colour belts signify accomplishment, skill, and dedication to a particular philosophy and a drive to succeed.
For those that are new to the martial arts, wearing the colour of a lower skill level is not a negative concept or an embarrassment, rather, it is sign that the student is on a serious path of achievement as each level lays a strong and necessary foundation for the next level.


All “Serious” martial artists have high regard for their belt because it represents their sweat, determination and accomplishments, the belt may be even be considered as an extension of our being so to touch or handle someone else's belt without their permission might even be taken as an insult.


Our organisation (WSTA) also has great respect for the belt and its wearer no matter what colour it may be; ultimately the belt belongs to and represents the school so those wearing it carry with them a great obligation. Our conduct in uniform has a direct reflection on both our art and our organisation, in some extreme cases of disrespect or unacceptable conduct a student may even be required to surrender their belt in order to protect the organisation and its members.


Consider this next time you tie your belt.


Yours in Shim Jang Taekwondo

Nick Seedsman
5th Degree Master Instructor
World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy


Additional Documents

Click here to download: Tie_your_belt.pdf