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Nicks Master Class May 2015

25 May 15

Greetings all;


Want some insights into generating more power in your techniques ?....    Then listen up !


Concentration, Balance, Breath Control and Speed are all needed to generate power.


Concentration.. is the mental alertness achieved by clearing the mind of all thoughts except those pertaining to what is being done at the moment and developing the skill to block out distractions.


ie.. A student must focus mentally and visually.


Balance.. is maintaining your centre of gravity. To achieve this, you must have a correct stance utilizing correct foot placement and angle, weight distribution in the legs and middle body / hip position alignment. The stance must be stable yet flexible. A tense stance is basically frozen and will increase time in moving making a technique slower.
Developing a strong middle core also helps balance in providing inner power to maintain a healthy back and upper body control. Strengthening the entire range of the middle body muscle complex gives support to the back and enables hand techniques and kicks to be delivered with precision and crispness.
Head and arm position also assists balance. Arms flailing about pulls body alignment off center and counteracts technique control. A head turned downward or not positioned to view the target offsets gravity control and contributes to pulling power away from a technique.


Breath Control..  is needed to give additional energy to a movement. Air is inhaled during technique preparation and exhaled slightly before technique execution by Ki hap (shouting) from the diaphragm (like a cough).                                                                                                                       

Holding your breath uses middle body core muscles to keep the chest cavity expanded and thus robs energy from a techniques execution. By exhaling the body relaxes and the middle body core muscles compress, pushing additional energy into the movement.


Speed.. is critical for executing a powerful technique. It is also augmented by being relaxed prior to technique execution which can only be achieved by exhaling. A tensed muscle is frozen and must be relaxed before it can be flexed to perform movement. Movement should be loose and fast tensing at the end of the technique.
A continuous, smooth, straight path to the target is always faster ("the shortest distance between two points is a straight line").

Hip movement also increases speed. Correctly performed, it adds velocity and strength to a technique.
All these components must be properly employed to generate power. Eliminate one and the others are weakened considerably. Utilized together, they will generate considerable power.


Nick Seedsman
5th Degree Master Instructor
World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy