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Tina's Corner August 2014

29 August 14

Tina’s Corner

Hi Everyone;




In this edition we ask Master Ken Martin a few questions.


Master Ken is the principle instructor at “The Dojang” at Tweed Heads, he is a personal student of Master Hicks and has been teaching in the Northern NSW area for over 20 years. Kens Wife Sharon is also a Black Belt and their three children have all had solid grounding in the art of Shim Jang Taekwondo.

Master Ken is very busy with his business but he always allocates time for his students and works hard to promote the art of Shimjang Taekwondo in his local area.


Q: Hi Ken, Where is your Centre ? 
A: The Dojang, South Tweed Heads.


Q: What is your rank ? 
A: 5th Dan.


Q: Do you have an Assistant Instructor ? 
A: Yes, Brad Connor my able bodied 2IC.


Q: What is your favourite technique ? 
A: Back kick.

Q: What is your Marital status ?
A: I am Married to Sharon and have 3 Children; Belinda, Josh and Ally. Ally is still in school and Belinda and Josh work with us at Tweed Fitness Factory......check us out at....


Q: What do you do for a living ? 
A: I Own and run a Gym, Tweed Fitness Factory  (just in case you forgot !).


Q: What is your favourite TV show ?
A: Fast and Loud.


Q: What do you do in your spare time ?
A: TV, go for a walk, be with my family.


Q: Do you have a favourite quote ? 
A: It's only hard if you think it is!!!


Q: What type of music do you like ? 
A: Rock.


Q: What other sports do you follow and do you have a favourite team ? 
A: I like Rugby League and I follow the Manly “Sea Eagles”.


Thanks Ken, Manly.......... really?



Enjoy your Training everyone.....



Tina Johnson
5th Degree Master Instructor 
World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy