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Tina's Corner March 2015

12 March 15

National Training Camp
It has become obvious that the cessation of our annual training camp did leave a real hole in our annual calendar of events so, by popular demand, we are re -introducing it this year.


The Camp will be held on the Gold Coast on the weekend of October 30, this is a little later than in the past but will get us away from the Gold Coast 600 Car Races which should make the flights a little cheaper for those that are keen to travel to the event.


The camp offers a unique opportunity for all members to meet and share experiences and also gives our members a fantastic opportunity to meet instructors from all over Australia.
Our Master and Senior Instructors will provide the leadership and guidance required to ensure our camps ultimate success and we look forward to our younger Branch Instructors and colour belt members benefiting greatly from their many years of experience.


I am in the process of organising this event and from the feedback from many instructors it looks like being even bigger than has been in the past if that is possible.


We are now taking names for the Camp, it is open to all adult members from white belt to black belt without exception.


Members planning on attending can register by sending me an email to containing the following information..
1. Full Name
2. Membership Number
3. Date of birth
4. Rank



In this edition we ask Master Rob Jenson a few questions.


Q: Where is your Centre. 
A: Santa Isobel Drive, Pacific Pines Gold Coast

Q: What is your rank. 
A: 5th Dan Master Instructor/Examiner

Q: Do you have an Assistant  Instructor. 
A: Senior Instructor Kathie Brookes

Q: What is your favourite technique. 
A: Flying Back Kick

Q: What is your Marital status. 
Married with 3 Children

Q: What do you do for a living. 
A: Motorcycle Trainer

Q: What is your favourite TV show. 
A: M*A*S*H

Q: What do you do in your spare time.
A: Fishing and Motorcycle Rides

Q: Do you have a favourite quote. 
A: You only get out what you put in!

Q: What type of music do you like. 
A: Anything that's good

Q: What other sports do you follow and do you have a favourite team. 


Murphy's Laws on Taekwondo
1. The instructor will only use you during demonstrations for joint-locking techniques.
2. After a flawless grading, you will trip on your way back to sit down.
3. After years of training without a single injury, you will pull a groin muscle the night before your black belt exam.
4. No matter how many times you take care of it before your grading, you will invariably have to go to the bathroom when it's your turn.
5. When you are wearing the most embarrassing outfit ever outside of class, your instructor will see you.


Enjoy your Training everyone....


Tina Johnson
5th Degree Master Instructor 
World Shimjang Taekwondo Academy