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ShimJang Taekwondo's Core Values




Shimjang taekwondo does not promote a list of tenets, instead our Grandmaster (Les Hicks) believes that our tenets can be summed up by 3 important Core Values, Integrity, Loyalty and Respect, Grandmaster says that, "while words are important to characterise a person, their individual use, understanding and implementation are all that observers need if they are to really live the meaning of the words".

Our Grand Master exudes confidence and has his moral compass clearly fixed on these three Core Values, he expects the same from his Senior Leadership Team as they pass on these very important lessons to our next generation of leaders and, it is with this in mind, that we think it imperative for Shimjang Taekwondo's Core Values to be thoroughly explained.

Integrity… is a noun from the Latin word intergritas and has a meaning of steadfast adherence to a strict moral or code with a consistency of actions, values, honesty and truthfulness.

Loyalty …is a noun from the old French word loial and has a meaning of the quality of faithfulness, fidelity, fealty and allegiance.

Respect …is a noun and has a meaning of a state of deference, esteem and honour, a positive feeling or action shown towards someone.

Collectively these Core Values pillar what it means when a person takes their first step to become a ShimJang Taekwondo Student. The embodiment of these three simple words lies in the obligations we make to ourselves when we enter the Dojang – obligations which entail collective as well as personal responsibilities. Obligations which ask us to practise a meaningful work ethic, to consider everybody as an equal, and to act honourably towards our fellow members. Our obligation as a member requires us to continually develop our knowledge of the Art and to ultimately be responsible for its History.

Our Core Values embrace the elements of Martial Art philosophy. The work ethic promoted in the Dojang is necessary to ensure the well-being of individual classes and the Organisation; in general, that strong work ethic is not just important but is absolutely essential to the future of the Art. The lessons passed on by our instructors must be learned and applied if the art, its instructors and its members are to advance – each class must preserve, almost as one of its Landmarks, the concepts of equality and merit. The concepts of justice and fair play are to be inherent in all our classes and the qualities of constructive criticism are to be applied and received fairly and equitably.

Our Core Values demonstrate that, as we rise through the ranks of this art, we are continually honing technique and polishing the mind with knowledge and understanding which will serve us well as we focus on attaining our set goals and becoming a worthwhile member of society, our Values say that, if we miss these elements, we miss the whole point of being a martial artist.