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The WSTA School Sports Program

The World ShimJangTaekwondo Academy’s school sports program for safer, happier, healthier children

The Program

Our unique W.S.T.A School Sports Program has been designed to assist the Australian sports Commissions AASC (Active After School Communities) program and provides both Public and Private schools with the opportunity to give their students the experience of enjoying a unique activity that is not usually available to them through the normal sports curriculum. The programs focus is on participation and personal pride in the students own ability, the program is also designed to be a lot of fun and encourages the student to join in and be active.

The W.S.T.A Sports Program is ideally suited for kindergarten to year seven. Classes provide the opportunity for students to learn valuable skills and improve physical conditioning as they discover the joys of movement and physical fitness. Students discover that self defence and self-discipline are fun! Our program teaches rhythm and motor skills while enhancing strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and muscle tone, It is designed to promote individual success while building self esteem, life skills and positive attitudes that will remain with student throughout their entire life.

The program offers an introduction to the basic techniques of ShimJang Taekwondo with an emphasis on developing total body coordination, speed, focus and balance. The students engage their own self-discipline to underpin their learning and skill development in this specialised activity. This results in the development of positive self-esteem that can carry on through to all other aspects of their lives. We encourage the students to develop an attitude of respect for themselves and others; team spirit, leadership, participation and playing by the rules are all part of the developmental process. These endeavors in physical activity can improve the participant’s health & general wellbeing and often have the further benefit of improved school results and social development.

Serious students demonstrate the benefits of being active by way of better social interaction, self awareness, health and wellbeing. At an individual level students often show improved fitness, teamwork, cooperation, communication, sharing, listening, and perseverance and also show confidence in their own abilities”.

The Instructors

Our specially selected school program instructors hold a child related employment “BLUE CARD” and have undergone all required state and national working with children checks, they are Qualified Community Coaches registered with the Australian Sports Commissions AASC program, our coaches are available to teach in public schools throughout most regions of Australia and all have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience. Our Coaches (instructors) adhere strictly to the AASC Code of Ethics and Working with Children policies, All coaches have attended the appropriate Australian Government recognised, AASC Risk Management courses.

These specially selected, dedicated instructors demonstrate leadership and outstanding commitment by engaging the whole school in this unique physical activity. Our instructors accept the responsibility for organising, coordinating and communicating the activities either during school hours (usually in place of the normal school sports program) or after school at a time that’s suits both teachers and parents (who are also encouraged to join in).

Through their leadership and their recognition of the importance of physical activity to children’s health, our instructors promote this initiative and endeavour constantly to make the classes fun and exciting; teachers are welcome to act in a supporting role or even join in on classes.

The  Programs  History

Grandmaster Les Hicks' School Sports Program has been operating successfully at many schools throughout NSW & QLD since the early 1990’s, we are happy to provide school references, testimonials and contact numbers if required.