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Olivia Stewart

NAME: Olivia Stewart

POSITION: Branch Instructor (Edens Landing)

RANK: 1st Dan Black Belt

PROFILE: Instructor Olivia Stewart has been participating in Taekwondo for over 5 years. In 2021 Instructor Olivia was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt and currently is the Branch Instructor at the Edens Landing Dojang. During her 20s she also studied boxing.

Instructor Olivia, outside of Shim Jang holds a Doctorate in Physiotherapy and is a registered Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist and Strength and Conditioning Coach working in hospitals, paediatric clinics and sporting organisations throughout Australia. Instructor Olivia has also been selected on the Australian Powerlifting Team many times, often placing at international events.

Instructor Olivia always abides by the tenets of Shimjang Taekwondo, Integrity, Loyalty and Respect.